Autoprefixer is a package that uses PostCSS to generate prefixes map for your CSS.

This map then can used be inside an SSR applications or inside a browser when you want to generate prefixed CSS on demand but don't want to slow down the application with the postcss post processing.


Autoprefixer can be installed only via CLI like NPM or Yarn.

yarn add @stylify/autoprefixer

npm i @stylify/autoprefixer


Autoprefixer is composed from a Prefixes Generator and Prefixer.

Prefixes Generator takes a Compilation Result from the Compiler and generates all prefixes according to PostCSS configuration within the project.

Prefixer then takes the map with prefixes and merges it with selector properties.

// Prefixes server side pregeneration simulation
import { Compiler, nativePreset } from '@stylify/stylify';
import { PrefixesGenerator, Prefixer } from '@stylify/autoprefixer';

const content = '';

// ------- Build part (server side) -----
// 1. Compile content
let compilationResult = new Compiler(nativePreset.compiler).compile(content);

// 2. Create prefixes map
// The prefixes map is an object containing prefixes.
// You can save it as a json file ant use it later on.
const prefixesMap = new PrefixesGenerator().createPrefixesMap(compilationResult);

// ------- In the browser or SSR App -----
// 3. Add the following hooks
// Compiler receives CompilationResult as second argument, that can be empty but configured
// there is a hook onPrepareCssRecord, in which we add another hook onAddProperty
// this makes shure, that when a property is added, all related prefixes are added.
// See https://stylifycss.com/docs/stylify/compiler for more information about hooks.
const prefixer = new Prefixer(prefixesMap);
let compilationResult = new Compiler(nativePreset.compiler).compile(
    new CompilationResult({
        onPrepareCssRecord: (cssRecord) => {
            cssRecord.onAddProperty = (propertyName, propertyValue) => {
                return prefixer.prefix(propertyName, propertyValue);