Mangling Selectors

Selectors can be mangled using Compiler. This process works only on the backend side or during a build.

Selectors can also be rewritten inside a browser by rewriting the document HTML but it is kinda missing the point of this optimization as it slows down the page loading time.

The process is done in two steps:

  1. Compile file content (or multiple files)
  2. Mangle selectors for each processed file
You can create the process on your own or use the @stylify/bundler package.
import { Compiler, nativePreset } from '@stylify/stylify';

const content = '';
const compilerConfig = nativePreset.compiler;

// In case, you use any framework specific class attribute
// you must configure it because by default, Stylify rewrites
// selectors only inside class="" and class=''
compilerConfig.selectorsAreas = [
    // Vue.js
    // React
    '(?:^|\\s+)className="([^"]+)"', '(?:^|\\s+)className=\\{`((?:.|\n)+?)`\\}'
    // Angular
    '(?:^|\\s+)[className]="([^"]+)"', '(?:^|\\s+)[ngClass]="{((?:.|\n)+?)}"'
    // Nette framework
    // ...

// Create Compiler instance
const compiler = new Compiler(compilerConfig);
// Process content, get selectors
const compilationResult = compiler.compile(content);

// Mangle content
const mangledContent = compiler.rewriteSelectors(content, compilationResult);
// Generate CSS
const css = compilationResult.generateCss();