December 29, 2022

Code your Remix website faster with Stylify CSS

Style your Remix app quickly and easily with Stylify CSS. Split CSS for large pages, define CSS Components and Variables and get extremely small CSS.


Stylify is a library that uses CSS-like selectors to generate optimized utility-first CSS based on what you write.

  • ✅ CSS-like selectors
  • ✅ No framework to study
  • ✅ Less time spent in docs
  • ✅ Mangled & Extremely small CSS
  • ✅ No CSS purge needed
  • ✅ Components, Variables, Custom selectors
  • ✅ It can generate multiple CSS bundles

Also we have a page about what problems Stylify CSS solves and why you should give it a try!


Because Remix doesn’t have any plugins support yet (2022), we need to use Stylify CSS Bundler directly. First, install the @stylify/bundler package using NPM or Yarn:

npm i -D @stylify/bundler
yarn add -D @stylify/bundler

Also for the watch mode, we need to run two parallel tasks. This can be solved using concurrently:

yarn add -D concurrently
npm i concurrently

Next, create a file, for example stylify.js:

const { Bundler } = require('@stylify/bundler');

const isDev = process.argv[process.argv.length - 1] === '--w';
const bundler = new Bundler({
	watchFiles: isDev,
	// Optional
	compiler: {
		mangleSelectors: !isDev,
		variables: {},
		macros: {},
		components: {},
		// ...

// This bundles all CSS into one file
// You can configure the Bundler to bundle CSS for each page separately
// See bundler link below
	{ files: ['./app/**/*.tsx'], outputFile: './app/styles/stylify.css' },

When the bundler is configured, add the path to Stylify CSS in the app/root.tsx:

import styles from '~/styles/stylify.css';

export function links() {
	return [{ rel: 'stylesheet', href: styles }];

And the last step is to add scripts into the package.json:

"scripts": {
	"build": "yarn stylify:build & cross-env NODE_ENV=production remix build",
	"dev": "concurrently 'yarn stylify:dev' 'cross-env NODE_ENV=development remix dev'",
	"stylify:build": "node stylify.js",
	"stylify:dev": "node stylify.js --w"

Styling first page

If we now edit the app/routes/index.tsx and run the yarn dev command, the CSS will be generated:

export default function Index() {
	return (
		<h1 className="font-size:48px font-family:arial color:steelblue">
			Stylify + Remix = 🚀

Defining Components and Variables

We can also define Components and Variables. Within a file, where they are used or in a global config. In the code below, we use the configuration within a file, where the component is used.

	blue: 'steelblue'

	title: 'font-size:48px font-family:arial color:$blue'
export default function Index() {
	return (
		<h1 className="title">
			Stylify + Remix = 🚀

Production CSS and JSX output

The JSX and CSS can be mangled in production (configured by the compiler.mangleSelectors). If so, the output is even smaller and looks similar to the one below.

For the first example with utilities

export default function Index() {
	return (
		// For utilities from first example
		<h1 className="a b c">
			Stylify + Remix = 🚀
.a { font-size:48px }
.b { font-family:arial }
.c { color:steelblue }

Stackblitz Playground

Go ahead and try Stylify CSS + Remix on Stackblitz.

You can customize the build above however you want.

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