Astro integration simplifies Stylify CSS integration into the Astro.build.

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Integration can be installed only via CLI like NPM or Yarn:

yarn add @stylify/astro
npm i @stylify/astro


Add a buildModule into the astro.config.mjs:

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
import stylify from '@stylify/astro';

export default defineConfig({
	integrations: [stylify()]


Configuration is optional. If the “bundles” option is not set, all files within the src directory will be compiled and a single stylify.css file will be generated and injected to all pages.

Configuration in astro.config.mjs:

	// https://stylifycss.com/en/docs/unplugin#configuration

You can also configure Stylify CSS using custom file or stylify.config.js created next to the astro.config.mjs.

import { defineConfig } from '@stylify/astro';

export default defineConfig({
	// https://stylifycss.com/en/docs/unplugin#configuration

Configuration Snippets

You can also use configuration snippets for the Astro application to speed up the setup.

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