Bundling files

In case you don’t plan to use any integration like @stylify/unplugin or @stylify/astro, you can use @stylify/bundler directly.

Stylify Bundler is a package that allows you to generate CSS files for your project. You can bundle any file format. The easiest way is to generate all CSS into one file. However the amount of bundles is not limited.

import { Bundler } from '@stylify/bundler';

const isDev = process.argv[process.argv.length - 1] === '--w';

// http://stylifycss.com/docs/bundler#configuration
const bundler = new Bundler({
	watchFiles: isDev,
	// Optional
	compiler: {
		variables: {},
		macros: {},
		components: {},
		// If you want to mangle selectors
		mangleSelectors: !isDev
		// ...

	{ outputFile: 'path/to/output.css', files: ['path/to/layout.html', 'path/to/page.html'] },
	// Bundler uses https://npmjs.com/package/fast-glob
	// You can use its glob syntax
	{ outputFile: 'path/to/another.css', files: ['path/**/*.html'] }

await bundler.waitOnBundlesProcessed();
  • Now, if you run node stylify.js, it will bundle files and mangle selectors.
  • If you add --w, it will also watch files node stylify.js --w.