On this page, you will find a list of pages, where you can find free icons for your next web project.

Icons sets

Icons optimization

When adding icons to your page, you might consider some optimization steps:

  • If you need icons like arrow left or arrow right, you might want to take one icon and use the CSS to rotate the icon in the direction you need. This way, you can have one icon for various directions
  • When you need to load various icons, check out some applications like IcoMoon. This app can merge various icons into one font. It can improve page performance because there are fewer requests. Also, the font is more flexible than embedding a link to each icon
  • Icons should be in the SVG format. Try to avoid JPG or PNG. It is because SVG size can be changed easily without getting blurred.
  • If the icon is a direct path but can be lazyloaded, you should add the loading="lazy" and the decoding="async" attribute. This allows the browser to continue rendering the page and decode images asynchronously.